The Way of the Twelve

Twelve everyday ordinary people living life, working, providing and existing day by day. Unknown to them that they were being watched, observed and considered from afar. Considered to do what – well quite simply to join a movement that would transform the world.
As we go about our everyday ordinary lives, existing, doing and just being – we might think that our lives are unimportant and insignificant and only matter to those who are direct beneficiaries of our labor, but much like the 12 we may not know that others are watching, others are observing and others are considering us for something more. Even at a time when we think we are not making an difference we are.
Twelve everyday ordinary people whose paths may or may not have crossed in there routine existence are connected together and with their combined gifts and talents form an alliance that captures the attention and creates dialogue among and amidst people who normally would have not engaged with one another.
The unusual, the uncomfortable or the unfamiliar can create allies among people who exist at different ends of the spectrum.

Twelve everyday ordinary people wondering if there was more to life than what they were experiencing on a daily basis.
No that fact is not written anywhere in scripture, but just think about how easy it appeared for the 12 to walk away from what they knew to what they did not know. People don’t change, stop or move away from their current situation just for the sake of curiosity, but more because of a desire to or need to have something more – to experience a Breathe of Fresh Air.