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What is The Scent of a Woman Event?

It is an alternative to a weekend conference, it is a night created specifically for women. One night for 3 hours we pour into, share with and celebrate women. We do this through music, laughter, spoken word and a life giving, transformative message (we will do some others things but lets keep some element of surprise). In each of the various cities we identify a person, organization or ministry who is working to change the lives of women in a positive way, we celebrate a local writer (if there is one), and we incorporate a limited number of vendors with services or products that seek to strengthen women.

Not a worship experience, but an inspirational, motivational, encouragement experience for women for one night for three hours. we laugh, we cry- we reflect – we celebrate and we walk away renewed, focused and determined to live life to the fullest. Again and again – you don’t want to miss an opportunity to get fuel for your soul, strength for the journey and joy for heart

Celebrating & Inspiring Women Across the Nation

Join us as we celebrate The Scent of a Woman in observance of Women’s History Month a night of music, laughter, stories, inspiration and celebration of womanhood.

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