The Chronicles of a Misfit: The Struggle to be Me

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A native of New Orleans, Dr. Major is no stranger to individuality and vibrance. Having faced her fair share of challenges, in this book she shares her journey on how she was able to set her self free from others expectations and demands. Her hope is that you will be able to do the same. Dr. Jeralyn B. Major is surely dancing to the beat of her own drum and encourages you to be who you were created to be!

2 reviews for The Chronicles of a Misfit: The Struggle to be Me

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Summer Hardy

    “With each passing day I wonder did I get it right, did I say or do something that touched someone in a positive way…”

    Out of all of the experiences and thought share in the book The Chronicles of a Misfit this is what stands out to me. I have come to realize that when I depart from this earth or even someone’s presence I want to leave a positive, compassionate and loving legacy. #BeginWithTheEndInMind The Chronicles of a Misfit tells of experiences and thoughts from Dr. Jeralyn B. Major that will encourage and inspire you to think about your personal experiences. Dr. Major is known to be a great mentor, encourager and motivator to so many and her platform is to help others to see their life’s value. So take time to read The Chronicles of a Misfit. At times we think that our life experiences are nothing but a single brushstroke on a blank canvas. But once we step back to see the whole painting it turns out to be better than a painting by Monet.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rev. Stephanie Myers-Lewis MDIV, Minister Associate St. Paul Baptist Church RN/BSN, CEO/Owner Purple Reign Realty ,LLC Memphis TN

    Book Review
    The Chronicles of a Misfit…The Struggle to be me…is a must read for women and girls who find themselves pressured and wrestling with pseudo expectations of what it means to be a woman in a superfluous culture. Dr. Jeralyn B. Major goes through great lengths to embrace, encourage, and empower woman of every walk of life, to wrestle with “becoming” who God made “you” to be. She does this flawlessly by sharing life experiences, engaging ways for women to “develop and embrace new practices” while keeping the reader encouraged, connected, and eager to enjoy the journey.
    One of my aha moments was in Chapter seven when Dr. Major offered one of many moments of transparency “whenever I set my heart and mind to do something one of the first areas the enemy uses to deter me is that I am too old”. Major then offers a re-focus moment with these words “I still have work to do, but I do not have time to waste, Focus. Focus. Focus”. There are many reminders and spaces that beckon the reader to write and reflect upon life experiences and revelation during …The Struggle to be me.
    I am personally forever indebted to the genuine and authentic style of Dr. Jeralyn’s Ministry and devotion to uplifting and empowering women. And, I strongly recommend The Chronicles of a Misfit as a personal, social, mental, and spiritual wellness, companion for women and girls who struggle to “become” and “live out their true, authentic and best life”.

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