Oasis is a place of renewal, restoration, & reflection
for women in business & ministry

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step”—Lao Tzu

At Oasis every one is encouraged to S.T.E.P.


  • Sister Support Circles

  • Gift Realization

  • Skill Inventory — Assessment

  • Leadership Development

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Soul Charge Retreats

  • Team Building

Sister Support Circles

Restore – to fill you up and return you to a place of wholeness a focused time to receive a Word from the Lord designed to inspire you to keep going

Renew — Enjoy a quiet time set aside for you to be still and meditate on God’s Word positioning you to be renewed in your spirit

Reflection — Participate in small group sessions as a safe place to share, allowing time for serious thought and contemplation with other women with leadership and shepherding responsibilities

Prayer — Receive prayer support from other women who share similar responsibilities and passion for missions and ministry

Revelation — to receive insight for further movement in areas of responsibility.

This annual event is designed to replenish, refresh and encourage pastors in local churches.

Jeralyn B. Major will share an inspiring message from God’s Word, and we will have a panel of leading female pastors’ share on how they keep going through the trials and struggles of ministry.

Lunch is provided

There is a nominal investment for this event

This bi-annual event is designed to replenish, refresh and encourage women of faith who lead in their professions.

Jeralyn B. Major, the founder and president of Oasis Lily Ministries will share a powerful message from God’s Word.  You will also gain wisdom from a panel of leading professional women of faith.

For women who lead in their professions at an executive level or the leader of their own organization or department, come and be encouraged with other women leaders of faith.