What is Your Place of Discomfort?


I wrote this in September 2015 and revisited it on September 16 2016 - and it is still very familiar, as i find myself waking up for the past few months about the same time every night, wondering, writing and contemplating what lies ahead - yes Still somewhat in a place of Discomfort - What about

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The Way of the Twelve


Twelve everyday ordinary people living life, working, providing and existing day by day. Unknown to them that they were being watched, observed and considered from afar. Considered to do what - well quite simply to join a movement that would transform the world. As we go about our everyday ordinary lives, existing, doing and just being

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The Whole World is a Stage


This is a title of an old song from the late 60's early 70's, the second part of the title is "and everybody is playing a part." Do you sometimes feel that you are actually living your life on stage? Is the role that you're playing an exact opposite to who you really are? Living your

The Whole World is a Stage2017-03-23T20:10:05-05:00